Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Getcha Mind Right.

It's happening.

This weekend.

You know what time it is.

You know the location.

You know the fudge flavors.

That's right, brothers and sisters...

It's the 18th Annual New Kensington Community Days!


We here at thenewk love NKCD. And you caught us right as we
were making our yearly checklist of things to do while there.

- Buy fudge.
- Enjoy some onstage entertainment.
- Spend boatloads of cash on food and drink tickets.
- Get an airbrush tattoo of a sweet dragon on our tramp-stamp spot.
- Chuck-a-luck, Muth@f-er!
- Eat an entire funnelcake, without using our hands.
- Shop at the hippie jewelry booth.
- Buy more fudge.
- Recognize people from high school.
- Act like we don't recognize the people we recognize from high school.
- Visit Deebo the Clown and get a balloon hat.
- Avoid the bingo tent at all costs.
- Use up extra food tickets by purchasing and chugging delicious huggies.
- Walk back to our vehicle.
(Buses are for suckas.)

So that is what we hope to do this year.

Will you be joining us?
Wanna get together for a huggie?

We hope you can make it, as it really is a great event that supports
the Fire Departments.

Here are the times:

Friday: 5pm - 11pm
Saturday: 11am - 11pm
Sunday: 11am - 5pm
Where: Memorial Park, New Kensington
Free shuttle buses from Valley High, and also from Hillcrest Shopping Center


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