Tuesday, June 2, 2009

So Long Tarentum Fun.

We just heard that the yearly lovefest known as
the Tarentum Festival will cease to exist.

The Tarentum City Council passed a new ordinance prohibiting
the sales of alcoholic beverages in public.

That is like placing a ban on punching people in the crotch,
or any other basic human right.


There were some complaints from local residents about property
damage, and reports of public urination.

What did they expect when they moved to Tarentum?

The fire department raises $30k from this festival.
That's a huge amount of money for a fire depot.

They will now plan on selling hoagies and having a gun bash.

Just what this area needs...
More overweight people with firearms.

But honestly, we here at theNEWK will miss that party.
We will never forget the time we rocked out to
John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band.

"Wild Summer Nights"

Either way, we hope the locals are happy...
Maybe the next fire they have, they'll be praying for a public urinator
to help them, as the fire dept. might be short on gas money.


(Happy Birthday, my sweet Mia)


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