Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wet A Line.

We here at theNEWK feel strongly about many different things...

- Women that don't eat dessert, can't be trusted.
- The designated hitter in baseball, sucks ass.
- Autism research is a please donate.
- In a street fight, the Donut Connection would whip Dunkin' Donuts' hole.
- The Red Wings grab more than a perv in a subway.
- Speaking of subways... Subway > Quizno's
- Family is important.
- Fishing is both fun and relaxing (but probably won't get you laid).
- Children are our furniture.

Those last few points are actually the reason for this post.

This coming weekend, there are a couple different fishing events
for the area's youth and families.

This Saturday at 8am:
Burrell Lake Park is holding a fishing derby.
It's free. 15 years old and younger. Prizes and lunch. Free nightcrawlers.
(You had me at "free nightcrawlers")
Then on Sunday at 1pm:
Northmoreland Park is having a Family Fishing Day.
Learn to cast, tie knots, take off fish and tons of other stuff.

It looks like the weather should cooperate, so get out there and
get some sun on your baldspot, or cleavage, or both.
(Please send pics to theNEWK, if you happen to have both.)



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