Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Riding The Rails?

For years now, there has been talk of a commuter train cruising people from
the Newk area down to the beautiful city of Pittsburgh.

Now, this "talk" we speak of, usually happened in area barbershops
and taverns. But it seems that trend is changing.

It's looking like this could be more than just jibber-jabber.
The Westmoreland County transit officials might be making this dream
a reality. And for much less money than they first thought.

They are actually considering 2 of these direct lines.

One starting here in Arnold, with stops in New Ken, Oakmont,
Verona and Penn Hills before coming to rest at Penn Station in Pittsburgh.

The other would start in Latrobe, and make stops in Greeensburg, Jeannette,
and a few other places we could care less about.

They say the Arnold line, would take just 45 minutes to get
to the Burgh', and they'd expect a minimum of 2,700 daily riders.

They asked state rep. John Pallone about this, and he had things to say.

The things he said really aren't worth the time it would take us to type them out. To be honest, what we are typing now is a good bit longer than the actual quotes. But it's too late to turn back now. Could you imagine how long it would take us to delete everything we just typed, then retype everything he said? I'd have to guess that with our 3 finger typing method, and our lack of concentration...it would take up to 7 minutes to do all that. Now let's think about this. There are a lot of things we can do in 7 minutes. Shall we count them down?

1. Take an entire shower (Well, not including our ankles. Seriously, how
dirty do ankles get on a daily basis?).
2. Eat a bowl of Cap'n Crunch.

3. Watch 2 youtube videos featuring
4. Check out the latest gossip pictorial at hollywoodtuna.com.

5. Watch the entire 7 Minute Abs video while eating Pop-Tarts.

6. Fold a freshly finished load of bath towels.

7. Make love to 6 women and have time left over for a smoke.
8. Top off our gas tank and grab a Death Dog at Sheetz.

There are limitless things we could do with 7 minutes, but quoting
State Rep. John Pallone is not one of those.


Could you imagine not having to drive Rte. 28 every time you needed to go
downtown? My nip-nips are hard just thinking about it.

Heading to the South Side and not have to worry about driving home.
Oh, I'd be livin' the dream.

You can voice your opinion about this matter at a public hearing on
June 30th at New Kensington City Hall.

Public comments will be heard from 6-9pm, and a formal presentation
will be given at 7:30pm. See you there!



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