Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Community Daze

Hey everyone!

What a super busy weekend for us. Seriously.
We were all over the place.

But nothing was more important, than our annual trip to
the New Kensington community days celebration.

Lets jump right in.

We got there early in evening on Saturday.
The sun was shining, and we were more than happy to pay the
small fee for such a great cause.

As we walked into the park, we saw two shuttles.
But as we said before..."buses are for suckas."

Apparently, this was where the crafters signed-in the day before.
We could feel the magic in the air.

The walkway reminded us of Times Square in NYC.
(To be honest, I've never actually been to Times Square, but I could imagine
it looks just like this.)

Times Square ain't got nothing on the Turner's Premium Iced Tea classic car.

The first of 2 delicious fudge stands.
(We ended up buying our fudge quota at the other stand, but the
picture turned out all blurry and crap.)

(We surely agree with this sign though. Butter really does make it better.)

We neared the Lions stand, but, we didn't hear any roars.
(We did get lucky enough to hear Kenny Russell clear his throat, and say something
about a Mickey Morandini Donruss rated rookie card.)

There were a few new child friendly rides on the premises this year.
(The sinking Titanic seemed an odd choice, as it had us looking all over for Kate Winslet.)
(Our search was a bust.)

Debo, our favorite clown was in the house.
(No child goes without a balloon animal when he's around.)

Dinner time.
Funnel Cake and Huggies, baby.
(This is how we picture heaven. Well, this and Potato Patch fries from Kennywood.
But we"ll save that for an upcoming post.)

We then hit the backstretch on our way out.
(The knockoff designer bag stand was poppin'. Once again reminding us of
Times Square, and the fact that we've never been there.)

So there you have it. Our 2009 trip to NKCD was a great success.
It is unfortunate that we were unable to stick around and listen t0 the
Beatles tribute band, but such is life.

Maybe it was a good thing. Because we remember reading about people
spontaneously combusting for unknown reasons. And we have a theory that
"too much fun" might be a cause yet discovered.

Wrap Up:
We saw many familiar faces, and even some we wanted to see.

We had a good time, and felt great about helping the fire departments.

We are still working on the fudge flavors we bought, but their days are numbered.

We would have loved to had an informational booth, so we could have
met many of our readers. Maybe next year.

I would keep writing, but my sweet tooth is calling for a chunk of
Caramel Pecan Turtle Fudge.

So...peace out, homies.



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