Thursday, June 18, 2009

What's That We Smell?

There is a familiar smell in the air around here these days.
A smell that hasn't been smelled around here for years.

(We apologize if you are one of the people that has lost your
sense of smell from taking Zicam.)

It's a smell that takes us back to the good old days.
All the way back to the 1900's.
(1998 to be exact.)


Constitution Blvd. isn't the street many people associate with good smells.
Well, not lately at least.

But things in the Newk are always changing, and sometimes for the better.

So what is this aromatic sensation we are talking about?

It's the smell of fresh baking bread at Mazziotti's Bakery.

It's been 4 years since we have caressed your golden loaves.

Way too long.

So from all of us here at, (all 1 of me)
thank you, Carmella Mazziotti, for making the greatest comeback since
a young kid asked me "do you need a license to be that ugly?"

St. Carmella, the patron saint of deliciousness.

And to answer that kid's comeback/question...
"Ask your mom."



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