Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Big Time Purchase.

Do you remember last week, when we posted a couple times telling you about
the flea market being held at the EKCC?

We do.

Our plan was to stop by and support one of our local organizations, by spending a
couple dollars on some homemade grub.

We did.

Hotdog w/pork and kraut + Cabbage and noodles = Woo-woo!

The food was on point.
Well done ladies.

After our feast, we took a look at some of the goods for sale.

We found a pig mask.
We found a Santa pin with moving legs and arms (pictured).
We found some candles.

Then it happened.

Could it be?

After some nifty negotiations.
(We paid exactly what he asked.)

It was ours.

All ours!

That's right folks.
We purchased an original copy of the 1900-1950 Ken Hi yearbook.


You should be.

We told you to go.

So, suck it.

Over the next who knows how long, we will try to scan images and whatnot from
this great piece of local history.

Here is just a taste...

1927 Football Team

Varsity Basketball 1925-26
(Not sure about the grape smuggler camera view, but whatever.)

So now that you see how much awesomeness was to be had, don't you wish
you would have gone?

Actually, maybe you did.

Because the nice ladies at the EKCC told us the turnout was higher than expected.

So from us, to you...

Thanks for going.
Thanks for leaving us some cabbage and noodles.
Thanks for not buying our book.

See you tomorrow with Wingapalooza's 3rd entry!
It's a doozie.


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