Friday, October 23, 2009

Grab and Smash

Yeah, that's right.

We meant to say it like that.

We know, we know...

It's "Smash and Grab."

But not in this case.

Seems someone decided to steal some cash from one of our favorite wing joints.
(Phillippi's Family Dining and Pizzeria) (That would be the "grab.")

He then led police on a chase, and crashed into Gatto's Cycle Shop by
Tarentum bridge.(That, would obviously, be the "smash.")

Luckily, nobody (other than possibly the driver) was injured during all this action.

Speaking of pumpkins...

We are looking for a good pumpkin patch to visit tomorrow.

Do any of you have a suggestion of a good one to go to?

Don't be shy.

We won't judge you.


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