Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wingapalooza 2009 (Stop #3)

The third stop of Wingapalooza 2009 turned out to be a tasty and educational one.

We sampled many dishes.
Most importantly the wings.

And we learned many things.
Like how good the chicken wings are.

Shall we begin?

3rd stop: Stella's Restaurant in the Parnassus section of New Kensington

I entered Stella's a few minutes past my coordinated arrival time with David "DSDC" Cooper.

He didn't seem to mind, as he had found a seat at the bar, and was already
enjoying what seemed to be a cold beverage of some sort.

Never one to promote drinking alone, I asked for whatever David was drinking.

And let me tell you, that was the right move.

This really is a great time of year for a beer drinker, as what soon arrived in front
of me tasted like Autumn in a tall glass.

Jack's Pumpkin Spice Ale.

On tap.

A beautiful start, to what turned out to be a great evening.

The lovely woman that served us our drinks, turned out to be Stacy, the owner.

We discussed the intentions of our trip, and she couldn't have been nicer.

Same could be said for some of the patrons at the bar.
They overheard our conversation, and immediately starting listing all the menu
items that we just "had to try."

Even though we came for the wings...

We are a website of the people.
And the people had spoken.

We were introduced to our server, Debbie.
Debbie was top-notch.
Believe what we tell you.

David and I started spouting off all types of things we wanted to taste.
To be honest, we sounded like we had just spent a week in the woods, eating only
questionably edible berries and twigs.


First up.
What we came for...

The wings.

They come breaded or naked (for you kinky types).
We of course tried both.

Although both lightly dusted in seasoning, and very delicious...

We preferred the breaded.

The breading is light and flavorful, while the chicken inside is moist and tender.

They offer many selections of sauces for dipping:
Hot Sauce, Ranch, Honey Mustard, Buffalo and Stella's Sauce.

Oh, Stella's Sauce.
Or as we call it, "Chicken Wing Nectar."

Here is a picture of the breaded wings, accompanied by said sauces and a beer.

(Hold me)

And in this next shot, DSDC captures everything right in the world.

Take notice of the crunchy, seasoned and golden exterior of those wings.
That picture is David Cooper's Sistine Chapel.

To those of you that suggested Stella's, we thank you sincerely.

Onward we go.

Turns out, Stella's has been serving homemade foods since 2002.
And we have been eating since the 1970's.

There was lots of time to make up for.

We opted to try the Wedding Soup.
(I say "we," but once it got was pretty much "me.")

It's true. David Cooper did not receive one bite of this culinary masterwork.
But I did allow him to take a picture of it.
I know...I'm a sweetie.

Seriously though, we eat wedding soup by the gallon, and this one is top 3 for sure.

Next, we went with a bar patron suggestion, and ordered a D&M style pizza with
sausage and green peppers.

And they knew what they were talking about.
The thin crust, the yummy sauce and the cheese blend all added up to a plate
full of pizza love.

Our special thanks to pizza chef Nick.
You do good work, fine sir.

Where are we?

On our 7th course already?

This next dish will make your eyes glisten, and your tummy grumble.

We give to you...

Grilled Chicken & Spinach

The chicken. The mushrooms. The tomatoes. The spinach. The butter herb pasta.
We're in love.

Honestly, I would do dirty things to that dish.
Luckily for everyone involved, there were people around, and I'm a bit shy.

And here is the hidden gem.

The homemade nacho chips and cheese.

Don't think for a second we are fooling around here.
Eat these, and thank us with gifts when you finish.

These has me shouting "Ariba, ariba!"
As the only Spanish I have retained in my life, I learned from watching Speedy Gonzalez.
Please forgive me, Senorita Matyas.

After gathering our leftovers and enjoying a few more Pumpkin Spice Ales.
We set forth to find our conveniently parked motor vehicles.

Now listen up people.
And listen good.

There are tons of places to park when you want to eat at Stella's.

You can park across the street, in the back, or in the huge lot marked "Stella's Parking"
right next to the building they share with the gym.

This place really has it all.

Great food.
A well stocked bar.
Wonderful service.
Homemade foods (gnocchi, lasagna, meatballs, etc)
Steeler game buffets.
Ample parking.
Super clean atmosphere.

Hell, they even deliver and offer catering services.

Stella's Restaurant
400 Freeport Street
New Kensington, Pa. 15068

Wed, Thurs, and Fri 11am - 9pm
Saturday 2pm - 9pm
Also open 1 hour before any Steeler game (Sundays or Mondays)

Photos and tasting by David Cooper

The guy does it all.
Call him today for all your photographic needs.


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