Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We Picked a Winner

So this past weekend, we decided to round up the troops, and
head out in search of some awesome pumpkins.

Our destination...

Renshaw Farms, in Freeport.

Not only can you get pumpkins at Renshaw Farms, you can take a
tractor ride to the corn stalk maze.

And we were down for everything this place had to offer.

So we paid our money, and hopped on the tractor ride.

It's safe to say, that I, theNEWK's fearless leader, was a bit nervous as
he rode on the flatbed trailer equipped with old bench car seats.

I tried to display a strong sense of masculinity.

I failed.

The terror that resided behind my eyes could not be contained.
(To the delight of the other maze goers.)

Seriously, take a look at this next picture, and tell me that's
not a terrifying scene.

I dare you.

Okay, now that I see it from this angle, maybe it's not so scary.

Stop judging me.

If you could hear the creaking sounds, you would understand.

Trust me.

So we got to the maze, and miraculously... we made it through unscathed.

On our way back to the tractor from hell, we plucked a couple pumpkins
from the patch.


The ride back was slightly less tragic, as we tried paying more attention
to the sights...such as some donkeys, mini-horses, and other farm like things.

We arrived back at the starting point, and checked out the other goods for sale.

We paid for our gourds, and took a guess on how much this pumpkin weighs.

If we win, we'll receive a sweet ass $20 gift card to Wal-mart.

Our fingers are crossed, for sure.

Here is one last photo for all you gazebo fans.

So there you have it.

Our latest adventure.

It was a little muddy.
It was a little scary.
It was a an experience not to be forgotten.

Thank you, Renshaw Farms.
Thank you, John Deere for building a quality product.
Thank you, David Cooper for taking amazing pictures.
Thank you, Harrison Grille in Natrona Heights for selling us dinner.
Thank you, friends for your great company.

Pictures of our pumpkin carving coming soon.


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