Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Toss The Pallino Already

"No longer shall our balls lie lifeless in the grass."

(Never have we thought that we would read that sentence...
let alone be the ones that type it.)

So what the hell are we talking about?

Bocce, that's what.

And why are we talking about bocce?

Because, until recently, any local fan of the Italian born game didn't have
many places to throw the pallino.

At least in the area parks that is.
(Northmoreland Park probably being the closest.)

But that has all changed.

It seems that the old owner of the land, that Wolf Pack Park sits on, is
a huge fan of the game.

And the city of Lower Burrell surprised him,
by building 2 bocce courts at the park.

They already have soccer fields, basketball court, softball field, baseball fields,
and a great kids park.

Seriously, the place has done a complete 180 from what you may
remember from years ago.

We suggest you take a ride down and check it out.

Don't forget your wallet, as we here at theNEWK don't play bocce
just for the fun of it.


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