Friday, October 16, 2009

Liquor And Poker

Why are liquor licenses such a news worthy topic around here?


Every day, a certain local fish wrapper (newspaper, for those of you not born in the 20's),
seems to write a front page story about who wants a license, who got a license, or who
needs to have a hearing about getting a license.

There honestly has to be something better to write about.

Hell, we have zero talent and no writing skills, but we find fresh topics to post about.

And I know what you're thinking...

"Aren't you writing about liquor licenses right this very instance?"

And to that, we say...

Shut up, smartass.

Truth be told, we aren't writing about liquor licenses right now.
We are writing about someone else, that likes to write about liquor licenses.


Do they employ a person that specializes in liquor license rumors?
Did they graduate with a masters in liquor license journalism?

Whatever their reasoning, it's starting to grow tiresome.

Because, if you are from this area, you know one thing for certain...

There a many places to grab a drink around here.
If one bar is closed, chances are, you won't even have to get back in your car to
find another one.

Maybe we're just cranky?
Maybe we need a drink?
Maybe we're pissed because the "Lunch Bunch" is trying to steal our
chicken wing thunder?
(Just so happens they ate at Gunny's this week...yeah, we see
how you
wanna play it... prison rules, eh?)

Now go back and count how many times we used the word "license" in this piece.
Without looking, we say the over/under is 11.

In case you were unaware.
The weather this weekend looks like turds.
Pull out your fleece-lined slicker.

Also, thanks to everyone that sent over some kinds words concerning our loss.
That's what we love about this area.


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