Monday, March 14, 2011

Random Picture Monday (03-14-11)

Every time we see this bridge, we know we're home.


Seeds of Doom said...

Hey, guys, if I want to buy a BIFF t-shirt, can I forgo the shipping and pick it up in person? It'll be worth the 22 bucks (XXL) just to meet you face-to-face!!

theNEWK said...

We'd be happy to meet you Ed. Don't feel the need to buy a shirt and spend hard earned money to make it happen though. We'd feel like you wasted your money, cause we are quite boring and slovenly in real life.

Lucy said...

Ed forgot to check with his wife (the financial manager) on whether he could SPEND $22 on a t-shirt (of which he has 376 of)....didn't you, ED?????

Ed's Wife

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