Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What The Hell Happened?

Before we get started, we fully understand that
we're super awesome and everyone wants to
read every single semi-meaningless thought that
pours from our well manicured fingertips.
(And perky rack, by the looks of this picture...)

But what's been going on around here, has even our
huge ego'd craniums searching for an answer.

Before we explain what we're talking about, we should
let you know that this website isn't a popularity contest.

And we don't check our hit stats on a daily basis, to see if
more people than our mothers are actually reading this mess.

We actually have meaningful lives, and don't need
validation at all times of the day.


We are total liars.

We do require much validation and constant praise
to be happy.

The only part that was true back there, is when we said we don't
check our stats daily.

We actually check them hourly.

And as we checked them this past weekend, we noticed a huge
surge in page views, especially views from new readers.

What stood out most was the Friday views.
We didn't even think people went on the internet on Fridays?

But Thursday, Friday and Saturday had large numbers...

Like a seriously big jump in numbers.

Big enough that we are actually writing about people reading
our site, that you, are sitting there reading about right now.

Wrap your nugget around that sentence.

So anyways, we are asking for someone to explain this to us.

What drove all these people to our site?

We know it's not our charm and wit.

Even though those things don't hurt our readership.

Seriously though.

Post how you heard about us, either here or on our
facebook page.

Did you read about us somewhere?
Did a friend tell you about us?
Did you google "awesome," and we came up?

We'd like all stories.

But especially why our stats rose so much, late last week.


Editors Note:
The Saturday numbers are also staggering,
as we don't even
post on that day.
(As Angry Rich will tell you all about.)


Lucy said...

I think it was the Sham-Wow guy....he called his friends to say his picture was in the NewK!

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