Wednesday, May 25, 2011

And The Walls...

Come tumbling down.

Yep, the old Jerome-Costa building in Parnassus was finally
torn down yesterday.

Even though we expected this, and knew it was coming.

It was still quite shocking to see it actually happening.

Notice the good amount of "PennDoting" going on in this pic.

It's not like we ever purchased a car there, so we're not sure why
we got a little verklempt.

Maybe we were just being a little nostalgic, as the even older J-C
building downtown seems to be being taken down as well.

It's nice to see the Newk moving forward.


It's Avett Brothers week.

As if you could forget.


Sad news for those of you that don't have your tickets yet...

They sold out yesterday.


Lucy said...

What planet are you guys from.....what the heck!!! No mention of Hines Ward today???? NewK, I love ya but really????

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