Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hot Days, Cool Treats?

We've recently been noticing that the Dairy Queen on
Freeport Rd. has not been opened yet.

And people are starting to ask questions.

Those people... are us.

So we decided to ask around a little bit at some of our most
trusted gossip spots.

Local bars.

By no means did we uncover the mystery of it remaining closed.

But we did enjoy a few cold beers, and some good laughs
with our bar buds.

A few people mentioned they heard it may be going
up for sale in the near future.

We will be happy as long as it reopens.

We all have so many good memories of this little slice of deliciousness.

Heading there with family.
Enjoying a post little league cone with our team.
Driving there the day we got our drivers license.
Cruising by and seeing who may be in line.
Practicing our order in the car, so we don't mess up at the window
and get yelled at for doing it wrong.

Well, whatever the reason for it still be boarded up is, we
hope the windows open up soon.

We could sure use a twist cone with chocolate jimmies.

Especially on a hot day like today.


Seeds of Doom said...

Hopes the recent Glen's Custard offspring doesn't scare this local icon away. We live within walking distance, and we miss it, even if we didn't always go there. But it was nice to know it was there when we needed it. And we DO NEED IT!!

Nicole said...

Arnold DQ is for sale and won't be opening anytime soon.

Dana said...

8/15/2012 -- I'm trying to navigate this site (whatever it's called) - the new ice cream place has something called a "Baklava Sundae" that is five stars excellent! The ladies are super-nice and the ice-cream is YUUUUM!!

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