Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We're Sticky

Not sure if you all noticed, but it was hotter than a
2-pecker'd dog out there yesterday.

As we walked to our car, a neighbor called out to us.

We turned our head, and immediately broke into a pouring
sweat, and ended up fainting.

As they made their way over to help us, they had a heat stroke,
and have now lost all use of their left side.

What we are trying to say, is it was a little hot.

Editor's Note:
As this post was being written, we google imaged
the word "hot,"
to find a picture to put here.

It's safe to say that we didn't see many pictures of the sun.

It's also safe to say that we were distracted for a
little over 23
minutes as we clicked through the images.

This is what we finally found on page 74...

It's a hot plate.

Not really the best picture to describe what we are trying
to get across.

But it was the first one without boobs in it.

Although it is quite sexy.

Stay cool.


Seeds of Doom said...

This kind of weather is not my favorite, except when I'm neck deep in a swimming pool with a Jello shot in one hand and my lovely lady in the other. My follically challenged dome could well serve as a hot plate today!! Wanna fry an egg??

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