Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Report Is Good

Around 2:30 pm yesterday, we got a disturbing report
that there had been a large explosion along the river in the
industrial section.

Early reports were saying that there were people missing, and
there was a huge fire being battled by all 5 fire stations.

photo by our pal

It's safe to say, the early word wasn't good.

It wasn't good at all.

As we drove home about an hour later, our eyes were stuck on
the Newk side of the Allegheny.

We saw no smoke, and no lights.

This, we thought, was a good sign.

We crossed the river and took a peak.

It didn't appear that all of the Newk was aflame, like the
initial report led us to believe.

We came home, grabbed a sandwich, and jumped online to
check the news sites.

And the reports were good.

Really good.

Here are the deets:

Ironmaster LLC had an explosion at 2pm.

All 3 employees inside got out safely.

The explosion may have been caused by the metal dust collection machine.

We are happy to hear that everyone is okay.

To celebrate this good news, we are going out drinking tonight.

Wait, it's Thursday, we always go out drinking on Thursdays.

We'll be safe, we swear.

Hell... you should join us.


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