Wednesday, June 15, 2011

WTF? (What The Fee?)

Like many people in the Newk, we never pay our
local taxes on time.

Every so often, we get a perfume laced letter from the
gals at the tax collection office.

They request our presence (money) at the office, as soon
as we can make it.

They usually throw in a little side note about the magistrate
getting in between us.

How kinky!
(We could be down for a ménage.)

But anyways, they finally caught up to us, and we spent some
quality time figuring out the totals of our newly found debt.

It was a solid total to begin with, but when the fees and charges
started getting in the mix, our generally cheery demeanor took
a turn towards Poo-pooville.

And nobody likes the scenery in Poo-pooville.

Now, we understand... our local taxes are used for all kinds of
good things around here.

But that doesn't make them easier to pay.

Before we ramble on, the catalyst for this post is the little known fact,
that if you don't earn any money for an entire year, you can still be
charged a large amount of fees for said year.


You are laid off for the entire year of (let's say) 2009.

No income = no local taxes, correct?



You don't tell them that you earned squadouche, and they come
looking for it.

Then you get to pay a substantial amount of moolah.

We just wanted to point this out to all of you.

Maybe it will save you some grief, as well as a few duckets.

We better get back to work, as our paycheck has a new destination.


Seeds of Doom said...

Guess you're gonna have to push for more t-shirt sales to tide you over, huh?! I been tellin' ya I'd buy one, but you gotta put it in my grubby little hands!! Hey, $20 bucks will get you a cup of coffee and a gallon of gas! Better hurry before this becomes a false statement!

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