Friday, June 24, 2011

Odds And Ends (6/24/11)

Today we are just gonna post some random stuff that
people either emailed us, or posted on our awesome
facebook page.

You too can join the fun.

"The sign @ the Dairy Queen says it's opening Sat!"


That is awesome news!

We will for sure be there.

Here's hoping we don't have to have anxiety when we order
like we always did before.

Did Vocelli's Pizza in Lower Burrel close?


We could neither confirm or deny this, but our call
went unanswered.

Your site sucks and your stupid.

-Unsigned (via email)
You might be onto something here.

It very well could suck, and we may be stupid.

But we know how to properly spell "you're."

So we have that going for us.


See you all tonight at Community Days.

Check the other day's post for details.

Oh yeah...

Here is a great picture sent to us to make us hungry.

It's the 3800 lbs of potatoes going to be served up by the NKFD.



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