Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Valley Wins! Valley Wins!

As we're ure you've already heard, the Lady Vikings
of Valley High won the PIAA state AAA softball championship
this past Friday evening in State College.

The 3-1 victory was the first championship for Valley.

It is a pretty big deal, we think.

Normally, news like this would be the main focus of our post.

But we pretty much suck at writing real news, but we're pretty
good at stirring the pot.

So when the team got back to town, late that Friday night.

The local fire departments and police decided to give them an
escort through the Newk.

As the sirens wailed, and the bright lights flashed, many residents
dashed to thier window to see what was going on out there.

Was it a fire?
Was it a riot?
Was theNewk team getting into trouble again?

Many things raced through the heads of the folks that
heard the ruckus.

We realized what it was, as we sat on our deck and had a celebratory
PBR Light.

We clapped as they drove by.

We felt proud.
We felt happy.
We felt good.
We felt drunk.
(That wasn't our first PBR Light of the evening.)

We then posted about the entrance on facebook, where we ended
up getting some mixed responses over the next day.

Mostly positive, but a few people weren't happy about it.

We made it rather clear how we felt about it.

We aren't saying we're right, and you're wrong.

But chances are that's the case.

As we've only been wrong once, and it was a doozy.
But we won't get into that one.

Did you hear/see the arrival?
What did you think about it?

Those are important questions.

But what's even more important is saying congratulations
to the young ladies and coaches that left their blood, sweat,
and tears on that field all season long.

Well done, ladies.

We are all proud of you.

(Even if we lost a little sleep because of it.)


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