Thursday, June 23, 2011

Reader Needs An Answer

We get lots of emails.

Some of them are funny.
Some are informative.
And some are downright mean.

This one asks a question that we are unable to answer.

Any help from our readers would be appreciated.

Hey guys, Found the NEWK a while back and I love checkin on all the goings on back home you post. Was back in February and was downtown on 5th. There is a security company of sorts near where Isaly's used to be. Near there, there's a storefront with all kinds of Alex Jones pictures and stuff as well as outside speakers rebroadcasting Alex Jones' internet radio show. Curious to know what they're selling or what the story is. Any ideas?

We really have no idea here.

We are too young to even remember where Isaly's was.
And we have no idea who Alex Jones is.

Mr. Jones ran the library at Valley when we attended,
but Alex
isn't his first name.


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