Friday, June 17, 2011

It's Summertime, Ya'll

The kids are out of school.

Old guys are shirtless while doing lawn care.

Big people are wearing clothes that are too small.

We sweat while doing basically nothing.

Yep, those are all signs of the apocalypse.

Err, we meant summer.

Now, we have been planning on taking a real vacation this year,
and it looks like it may actually happen.

That's right, kids...

The Newk team will be GTLing for a week at the Jersey Shore.

We'd mention Snookie here, but everyone mentions Snookie.

So we hope to meet up with Vinnie.

Now, we're rather sure we won't see any of the Jersey Shore
cast members.

And we'll be totally fine with that.

Actually, we'd prefer it.

Sorry guys.

Enough about us and our glamorous vacation plans.

What are the rest of you doing this summer?
(Other than reading of course.)

Go ahead, brag a little.

All of our friends do it on facebook all the time.


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