Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Look Out!

Yesterday we posted our normal Random Picture Monday.

It was a shot we captured this past Sunday as we drove by
the Freeport Rd. Dairy Queen, that we were told was to be open
this weekend.

But to our surprise, it was still mostly boarded up.

Actually, the boards were extended to the pavement now.

This was strange.

We then started getting some insider tips on our facebook page,
claiming that a vehicle smashed into the front of the DQ on Saturday

We have no confirmation of this.

But it does explain the new/larger boards.

The question we now have, is what the hell do Newk residents
have against the local sweet treateries?

First it was the Donut Connection.

Now our beloved DQ that just reopened mere hours before.

Anyone know for sure this is what happened?

And how the hell did they make it through the posts and the


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