Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Still Here

Obviously, we here at theNewk.com were not any
of the chosen ones.

That's bad news for us.

But it's GREAT news for you all.

So anyways...

Not much to report around here, other than the fact
that it's Avett Brothers Week here in the Newk.

You may be saying to yourself...
"The Avett Brothers... did they graduate in 96 from Valley?"

Short answer: No.

Many of you likely have not heard of the Avett Bros, but that's
okay, because we are taking this week over, and introducing
them and their fine music to you.

Why would we do that?

Because, they are in Pittsburgh this Friday night, and we
will be there.

And because we want to.

And because we like forcing things we like on people we like,
because we know we have great taste in just about everything.

For those of you familiar with the Avetts, enjoy.

For those of you new to them, sit back and let the love
wash over you.


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