Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pay To Play?

So it's being tossed around by the New Ken/Arnold school
board to charge sports players (as well as other extracurricular
activities such as band and drama club) to participate.

Seems they are finding it hard to close a rather large gap
in next years budget.

The gap?

Only 4.7 million dollars.

Wait, come again...

That's a rather large "gap."

Now, other than making people pay to play, they are considering
these likely options:

- Turning the athletic director job into a part-time position, and
cutting $50k in salary.
- Eliminating 9th grade football and hoops.
- All assistant coaches in basketball, track, and swimming.
- Cheerleaders would have to cheer from home during most
away games.
- Cutting about 13 non-conference games.

Some of those options we like better than the others.

Being top-notch athletes, and dashingly handsome, the news
of sports taking a hit like this, peeves us greatly.

We'll just have to go look in a mirror, and cheer up at the site
of our gorgeous poonams.


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