Wednesday, May 4, 2011

God Damp!

Welcome back, weather man Nic!

Doesn't he look rested?

You may be asking... what is Nic doing here on a Wednesday?

We know, we know.

He usually only does Friday weather reports.

But this crazy non-stop rain has brought him out for a
mid-week/hump day weather discussion.

It feels like it's rained every day for the last month or so.

Well, at least since our last significant snowfall.

See, we usually don't let things like the weather affect our
bright and sunny disposition.

We generally find the good, and just go with it.

But this is getting ridiculous.

We can't take it.

We are going to lose our minds.

It's the first time we've ever considered moving to another
part of this great country.

Somewhere with twice as many sunny and warm days as we
seem to be having...

like Seattle.

Now, Nic is telling us we should get ready for some decent
weather next week.

He claims upper 60's and a boatload of sunshine.

We hope he's not hammered again.


Keep your head up, people.

(And don't forget your umbrella.)


Seeds of Doom said...

Now, don't take this the wrong way, but in spite of the less than user-friendly weather we can't seem to shake, I don't think all ten of us readers should worry too much about you losing your minds over it. I doubt we'd be able to tell the difference anyway. But you STILL ROCK! So, rock ON!!

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