Thursday, May 19, 2011

Truce (For Now)

As many of you regular readers already know...

We don't have many things to say about our neighbor, Oakmont.

Most of what we say is negative about those annoying ass
brick streets they seem to be so damn proud of.

See that?

We were about to go off on another tangent.

Luckily, we caught ourselves before it got too ugly.

Now, we just found out the schedule for one of the best summer
events this side of the Burgh.

It's the Oaks Theater 9th annual Moonlit Matinee Film Fest!

And this year there are some very good selections.

Here are some that stick out to us...

May 20,21 - AIRPLANE!
May 27,28 - SEVEN
June 17,18 - CARRIE
July 1, 2 - TOP GUN
July 15,16 - ALIENS
July 22, 23 - THE FLY
August 19,20 - DAY OF THE DEAD

And you are 100% sure to find us at this one:

June 10,11 - SHAUN OF THE DEAD

All of the movies in the festival play on both Friday and
Saturday nights.

Fridays @ 10pm
Saturdays @ Midnight

We dig the Oaks Theater.

You just might too.

(Other than the fact that it's located on the mother of
all annoying brick roads.)


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