Thursday, May 26, 2011

Get Your Spirit Ready

This Monday is the annual Memorial Day Parade
here in the Newk.

This really has become one of the great events each year
held in the downtown section of our beloved town.

Here are the deets:

Memorial Day Parade

Monday, May 30, 2011

Ceremony: 10:30 am Roosevelt Park, Arnold PA

Parade: 11:00 am Advance Down 5th Avenue

Ceremony Ends: Gold Star Mothers Monument
New Kensington-across from People's Library

*purchase a flag for $1.00 to wave during the parade at the
Mayor's Office at City Hall, the Tax Office at City Hall and
Chamber of Commerce. They will probably be selling them at the
parade also.

Proceeds benefit People's Library.

We hope to see you there. And we hope to see you with a flag.

A few of you were wondering why we didn't make any mention
of Hines Ward winning that dancing show yesterday.

Here are a few reasons why.
(Some are real, some are not. You decide which is which.)

- Everyone on facebook was already talking about it.
- Sometimes we write the next day's post earlier than the prime-time
television time slots.
- We have no idea who Hines Ward is.
- We boycotted the finale, cause the Black Eyed Peas were on it.
- We were too drunk to remember.
- Our dog ate it.
- We aren't fans of the tap dancing.

Oops, that's the wrong dancing Hines.

Either way, congrats 86!

Well done, you.


Here is today's Avett Brothers video.

Are you digging them yet?


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