Thursday, June 24, 2010

1 More Day!

The last couple of days, we've talked about some of the things
we love about the New Ken Community Days.

Today, we talk about the best part of it.

Is it the school bus rides?

Not a chance.

We don't ride the bus, although it is great that they provide
that for people. Free of charge, and everything.

So what is it?
The Chuck-A-Luck game?

Although we love a good game of chance... no, it isn't
the sound of quarters and broken dreams that makes
our motor rev.

I give up, there is nothing left.

You forgot one thing...

It's the people.

Especially people like Debo the Clown...

Like all of the volunteers and firefighters...

And Kenny Russell...

(He's a local treasure.)

Anyways, it's the people, that we look forward to the most.

Seeing old friends.
Meeting new ones.
Watching people laugh.
Watching them eat.
Watching them walk around.

Okay, we are sounding like creepy stalkers now.

So yeah, tomorrow is the big day, and we are sure the
weather will cooperate.

Nic would never do anything to mess with NKCD.


Lucy said...

Don't forget the craft booths!!!

theNEWK said...

Not to worry, Lucy. We love the craft booths, and plan on spending boatloads to support them.


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