Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This Track Is Made For Walkin'

Tonight we went and did something we don't
get to do nearly often enough.

We went walking down at the Valley track.

After all that delicious Mexican food we ate on
Sunday, some exercise was necessary.

So as we walked around the 1/4 mile oval, we noticed
how many other folks enjoyed this as well.

There really were a bunch of people out there.

There could be many reasons for this, but we think that
the quality of the track surface surely has something
to do with it.

See, back in our high school days, the surface of the track
was not so great.

It was a black tar like surface, with a bunch of cracks
and mounds and whatnot.

You really had to pay attention while you walked, as a
wrong step could have landed you in Citizen's General.

But a few years back, they put this sweet new surface on
there, and it's a bad mother now a days.

It's like they glued all these little red jelly beans to it, and
it feels kinda spongy when you walk on it.

Much like we imagine the moon feels like.

We think you all should head down there on some of these
nice evenings, for a few laps around this centerpiece.

You might even see us chugging along.


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