Thursday, June 3, 2010

To Da Moon, Apollo

After 40 straight years, the Apollo Moon
Landing Celebration will take a year off.

It's not that they wanted to.

They just have nowhere to hold the event.

See, Owens Field in Apollo is getting some big
3 million dollar upgrade, and that is the normal
spot for the festival.

It seems that's not the only upgrade the fine folk
in Apollo are getting.

Their sewer system is also being upgraded, as
the other possible location is located where that
work is being done.

Seeing that there are no other big fields in Apollo...


Isn't Apollo full of big fields and pastures?

Are you telling us that they seriously can't find some
cow-pie ridden lawn to set up some carnival rides,
food vendors, and fireworks display?

C'mon now people.

Don't you realize this is the friggin' Apollo Moon
Landing we're talking about?!?

The only other event this important is the
Catalina Wine Mixer.


So what will Apollo Volunteer Hose Company #2
do to make up the lost funds?

They will continue with their weekly bingo games, and
also do some pancake breakfasts and other events.

We all have our fingers crossed that the Moon Landing
Celebration will return next year.

Cause damn it, we wanna play Cow Pie Bingo.


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