Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Over this past weekend, there was a little more than
New Ken Community Days going on.

Yeah, and we aren't talking about that little Lower Burrell
thing they put on during the same weekend.

What was up with that, anyways?

We digress.

The other big news this weekend was a major drug
roundup, that netted around 40 accused drug dealers.

Mostly in Tarentum, East Deer, Harrison, and Brackenridge.
(But we saw at least 1 Newker in the fine print. As well as
Upper Burrell, Arnold, and even an Oakmonter.)

Now look, we are all for making a living in these tough
economic times.

We respect people with a go-getter attitude.

But selling H, and crack, and pills around here just
pisses us off.

Seriously though, we're all adults, and we know that drugs
is a huge problem in this country.

We can't just expect our area to be exempt from this.
We are many things, but naive isn't one of them.

So seeing another roundup of this size bums us out, but
also gives us hope that things can change.

They might not...

But hey, they might.

Keep hope alive.


On a side note.

We rented the movie:
She's Out Of My League

It was filmed in Pittsburgh, and we must admit,
it was quite humorous.

We normally don't "endorse" things, but hey,
it's only a movie right?


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