Wednesday, June 23, 2010

2 More Days

We were down at Memorial Park last evening, and
the transformation is well under way.

We got really excited as we started thinking about
some of the other stuff we can't wait to do.

And other than the fudge, we have another "must stop."

Funnel Cake and Huggies.

Seriously, this food combo ranks up there with some
of the most popular, such as:

Peanut Butter and Jelly
Burger and Fries
Mac n' Cheese
Sushi and Sake
Jager and Red Bull

Like OMG, we totally can't friggin' wait to get our food
tickets and hit the booths.

It's gonna be crazzzzzyyyyyy!!!!!!!11!!!

Why do teens these days, add a bunch of unnecessary
letters to random words?


We are hoping that the weather is good this Friday, cause
we will be there night #1.

Fo shizzle, Dizzle.


Lucy said...

How 'bout them gyros?????!!!!!

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