Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Food, Friends, And A Phone

Our good friend George Gatto took us to a
new area restaurant a couple weeks back for lunch.

We didn't tell you about it.

Not cause we didn't want to share.

We just didn't feel like sharing.

So when we talked to David Cooper about grabbing a bite
to eat, and catching up a little, I told him about this
hot new local spot.

Rey Aztec
(In the Kmart plaza)

It's real deal Mexican food.

How much did we just sound like Guy Fieri right there?

Anyways, David Cooper and I met for an early dinner.

Not cause we're old...

Okay, maybe it's cause we're old.
(I guess it's just a matter of perspective.)

Moving on.

We grabbed a booth and began reading the little cheat-sheet
on the condiment rack, that explains the differences between
chalupas, burritos, tamales, etc.

While we figured out what the heck we were ordering,
we munched on their fresh chips and salsa.

We are still partial to Stella's nachos and cheese, but whatev.

Now, this wasn't a formal Newk review, but Cooper is always
thinking of you all, and brought his camera with him.

After a small discussion, we decided that since we didn't let
them know ahead of time that we would be taking photos
and whatnot, we nixed the idea.

We have more respect than that.

But that did not stop me from turning my new phone
over to David, to try out the new Newk-Cam.

Here are a couple of his shots...

Seriously, he took those pictures with my phone.


He's a photographic beast.
(Check him out at davidcooperphoto.com)

So yeah, we ate every bit of food they placed in front of us.

Everything was very good.

Way better than our only other Mexican food option
in the area... Taco Bell.

We would totally be down for going back and doing a
full on Newk review.

How does tomorrow sound, Rey?


Chris said...

We had lunch there on Monday: about 15 of us! We were all impressed with the choices, freshness, and amount of food. I enjoyed #15, a chicken enchilada, full of shredded, roasted chicken, then blanketed with a flavorful Monterey Jack cheese sauce. Mexican rice on the side completed the meal for $5.50. I know I will definitely be back again soon!
PS. A sign near the register says "For now, BYOB." Just in case anyone wondered.

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