Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We'll Take It

This is a website for the people, by the people.

Without you, we would not be here.

And every now and again, we need to ask you
for your help.

No, we don't need help moving, so stop thinking up excuses.

We need you to keep telling us about great local events,
businesses and anything else positive about our
beloved area.

Send us pictures.
Send us emails.
Send us money.
Send us your daughters.

We need it all.

We also need you to send us some new fans on our
facebook page.

It's easy.

- Go to our page.
- Look for our red picture in the upper left.
- Under that picture, click on "Suggest to Friends."
- Also, if you scroll down that same side of the page, you
will see a gray button under our events, that says
- Click that button and post a link to us on your wall.
- Sit back and read all the thank you notes your friends send.

We will be the first to thank you.

Thank you.


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