Friday, June 11, 2010

Congratulations, Graduates!

As we drove by the high school this evening, we
noticed an extraordinary amount of cars in the Valley
High parking lot.

We thought maybe one of those karate tournaments
were in town.

But we remembered that those usually
take place
on a Saturday.

The more we rubber-necked, we started to see some
young adults wearing black and gold caps and gowns.

We started beeping the horn, as if to say...

"Hey, we realized you all just graduated from
high school. It's one of the biggest days in your life.
And we are going to get you something awesome.
A random horn honk, from a random car.
Do you likey?"

So yeah, we felt pretty good about our generous gift to the
Viking class of 2010.

Best of luck to every one of you, in all you do.
(Especially you, Cristina.)

Also, the answer to yesterday's game is...

Thanks to all that played along.
(Mostly at our facebook page)

Stephen got the win.

Didn't he win the last one?


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