Tuesday, June 22, 2010

3 More Days

This weekend is New Ken Community Days.

We have decided to talk about some of the things we
here at theNewk look forward to every year.

We think this is a great idea.


Because we thought of it.
That's why.

Today, we salute you, Fudge Stand.

We visit you every year, and we are never disappointed.

You are usually the last stop we make before leaving, as
there is no butter way to say goodbye.

We prefer your chocolate and nut fudges.

There are rumors swirling that we cry into the leftover
wax paper, after all the fudge has been devoured.

That rumor couldn't be more true.

Wax paper is surprisingly absorbent.


So, be sure to make a stop at the fudge stand.

Actually, there are usually two fudge stands.
How awesome is that?

Just be sure to leave us some chocolate walnut.


(Yeah, we meant to say butter.)


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