Thursday, January 6, 2011

Aw Snap!

We get a good many emails.

And like any self respecting website, we have our favorite emailers.

It's not as if we don't appreciate all of the folks that take the time to write us.

Cause we do.

And we tell them so.

But anyways, our pal Frank the Stank hasn't written us for a while, so we were happy to see his name in our inbox.


Yo Newk.

This is frank the stank and I want to tell you bout some of my restitutions for the new year. Heres what ima do.... I'm gonna lose me about 14 pounds so I can fit in my new pair of skinny south pole jeans my mama got me for xmas. Then I'm gonnna grab up my girl and take her somewhere nice to eat up at the mills. maybe like the olive gardens or somethin fancy like that. Then on our way back thru town, we gonna drive by all the buildings that be getting tore down. Which I'm happy to see cause they was makin my eyes all sore. I may even hit up the tatttoo shop down the cut from arbys for some fresh ink. I got a prime spot on my neck for a dragon or somfthing evil like that.

have a good year newk people.

Frank the stank


We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

Have a great Thursday, Friends.


Larissa Y. said...

Great article about New Ken in the paper today!

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