Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Slow And Low, That Is The Tempo

Ah, the Beastie Boys.

(Paul's Boutique may be the most underrated album of all time.)

Look at us, already off topic.

The real topic of today's post is...


There are many things we could be talking about in
this area when we talk about the word slow.

But this is more of a rant/call-out.

Here's the deal.

This past weekend, we noticed the gas gauge in the
Newk-Mobile getting close to the empty side.

We don't just toss a couple bucks in at a time.

We fill'r up.

So when we pulled in the BP (across from Taco Bell), we
pulled the trigger, and engaged the auto filler tab.

We then remembered why we don't go there often.

Cause it's like filling your tank with molasses.

Honestly, what's the deal?

It took a good 5 minutes just to put $20.01 in there.

We were so fed up, that we pulled their snail-like pump from
our whip, and hung it up the same way Bobby DeNiro hung
up the payphone in Goodfellas.

We hit NO for a receipt, as we wanted no reason to ever
remember standing in the cold, waiting for the longest
fill up ever.

So if you have ever experienced this terrible gas spot,
speak up, and let your voices be heard!

We just did.


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