Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Beginnings

We enter each new year with hope that this year,
will be better than the one before it.

Unfortunately, this isn't always the case.

One thing we know for sure, is you shouldn't begin a
year by giving up on something you truly care about.

See, a while back, we started receiving emails requesting
we not only write something 5 days a week, but that we
also write a post on Saturdays.

The gentleman's name was simply "Rich."

These emails had an underlying tone of anger.

He made no mistake about his yearning for more of us.

If you read this site often, no doubt you've seen his work.

After the first couple, we changed his moniker to
"Angry Rich."

He fought it at first, but seemed to accept this new
nickname, as it was based upon fact.

Now, we haven't heard from Angry Rich for a while.
Not even a Christmas card.

We digress.

On January 2 of 2011, we received this email titled...

Throwing In The Towel

I give up.

Angry Rich

Damnit, Rich.

We can't let you start off this new year by giving up.

Grab yourself by your likely too tight underwears (probably
the root of said anger), and get back on your angry horse,
named Rage.

Don't stop believing.

A Saturday post could one day happen.

Crazier things are going on in this world.

Like Carson Daly having a job.

Let this be a lesson to all of you.

The year 2011 will only be what you make of it.

If it sucks, it's your fault.

Seize the year, people.

Seize the year.


Seeds of Doom said...

I, for one, would relish (or coleslaw or macaroni salad) the addition of a Saturday post from you guys. I am a local yokel who thrives on our local culture, and I am grateful for those occasions when you capitalize on things most of us miss in our distracted, work-a-day lives. The more, the merrier! I say, "NewK til you puke!"

Unknown said...

I, for two, would also like a Saturday post. Should I mention I also could become angry like Angry Rich?? hehehe Great job on keeping us in the loop.

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