Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Not Already

Yeah, it looks like it's happening already this year.

No, we haven't quit our diet yet.

We are talking about no news around here.

It really bums us out when we don't have a great story
to share with our tens of readers.

(And let's be honest, we only have that many because
we have rather large families.)

But back to the no news.

We wish we had a crack team of reporters out there everyday,
drumming up hot stories from the beat.

But, we don't.

We are actually quite the lazy bunch.

If a news story doesn't smack us in the head, like a
line-drive foul ball down the third base side of PNC Park,
knocking the delicious nachos from our peanut shell dusted
fingers, and nearly spilling our $8 Iron City, we likely don't
have anything to write about that day.

And another reason we suck today, is because we have
some sort of seasonal sickness hitting us rather hard.

Every time we are around children for the holidays, those
mouth-breathing little petri dishes always infect us with the
current trends in cold and flu.

So it seems we've come down with a certified case
of Bieber Fever.

There you have it.

We have nothing good to talk about today.

But we hope you enjoyed reading this, nonetheless.

And you people want a sixth day of this dross?



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