Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Oooohh Ooohhh That Smell

It seems our neighbors in West Tarentum were dealing
with a smelly situation the other day.

And we are just the team to cover such a story, as things
tend get stinky from time to time here at

(Especially after Chili-Dog Thursdays during the summer months.)

So obviously we've seen, and smelled, our share of bad odors.

Just last July, our A/C unit was broken on a Friday afternoon
that reached the mid-90's in temps.

It's safe to say, many of us weren't allowed to walk into
our homes when we arrived at them, without
down on the back porch first.

Let's get back to Tarentum...

So yeah, on Monday at around 5:30 pm, about 40 residents
were evacuated from their homes due to smelliness.

Weird thing was, the smells were in the homes.

Not outside the homes.

This had people confused.

After calling in different gas companies, to check
for gas leaks (hahaha... we know all about those), and any
other possible air quality issues.

They determined something must have been put into the sewers,
and should go away after they got flushed.

In our experience, a good flushing usually works on
stinky stuff.

The residents all returned to their homes later that night.

And all was once again well in West Tarentum.


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