Thursday, January 20, 2011

To Party, Or Not To Party

Our two year anniversary of doing this site, is
coming up in a short couple of months.

And we are considering a party of sorts.

But we need help with ideas.

We are considering having a small gathering at a local
pub, where maybe some of the readers and emailers
can come meet one another.

Who wouldn't want to do a shot of PatrĂ³n with
Frank the Stank?

Or maybe get into a bar fight with Angry Rich?

We may even be able to get some of our local business
friends to DJ, or cook delicious treats for everyone
to enjoy.

This sounds like a great idea to us, but we are going to need
a hand pulling it off.

If any local bar or restaurant would like to host such
and event, please contact us at

Maybe the mayor would like to grant us access to the
Girl Scout Little House, as that's a Newkers rite
of passage to have a birthday there.

Maybe you would like to take part in the festivities?

If so, you also may contact us, as we'd love to show
off all the great things in and around this town.

Hell, even if you are from Lower Burrell, or maybe even
from across the river... we welcome you with open arms.

Unless you are from the city of brick roads (Oakmont).

If so, we're all filled up on pretentiousness.

We're kidding Oakmonters. Settle down.

You can come, but only if you bring a dozen Black and White
cookies from the Oakmont Bakery.

So what do you people think?

Is it worth our efforts?

Will anyone care?

Will anyone come?

Let your voice and opinions be heard.


Seeds of Doom said...

As an avid reader and proud New Ken resident,I am agog at the prospect of a party!! I know someone who is very close to the Mayor who might do a little arm-twisting on your behalf. If I'm correct you should hear something in the near future. Don't lose any sleep over it, but DO keep your fingers (and eyes) crossed.

Unknown said...

Of course I have an opinion, but I think I'll wait for Saturday to let it be heard.

Lucy said...

Hey, I know for a fact the Mayor reads the NewK....maybe he'll take the hint himself...I'm just sayin'

theNEWK said...

We would love to hear from the mayor. He should send us a little email to

Lucy said...

I'll remind him....he's probably in a REALLY good mood today too after the Steeler victory yesterday!

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