Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Tuesday Of Thanks

We do this site for a ton of reasons that we've talked
about many times in the past.

But there is a new reason for us to like
doing theNewk.

It's because of the people we've met, and the friendships
we've made.

As I sit here, way later in the evening than I'd like to be
writing this, many names and faces come to mind.

I'm quite sure you all know who you are.

(Especially you, Angry Rich. Your fury pleases us greatly.)

Seriously though, there are people, some of which we've never
actually met, and even more that we've had the pleasure to
spend time with, do nice things for us and say even nicer
things to us.

The impact they've had on us has not gone unnoticed.

We thought random people telling us they like what we do
made us happy.

And it does.

But the friendships we've made along the way, really
make this a very fulfilling adventure.

We look forward to the friends we haven't made yet, and
even more so to the precious time we get to spend
with the ones we already have.

We may not say it enough, but thank you.

Thanks to all of you.

Even the people that just read that crap we write, and
never say a word about it.

We notice all of you, and appreciate you very much.


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