Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Down In Front

This was the view we had this past Saturday night, as we walked
from our $10 parking spot towards the Consol Energy Center.

You may be asking yourself...

"What monumental event would get these cheap S.O.B.'s to
actually fork over $10 of their hard earned cash?"

If you were paying attention last week, you would already know
the answer to such a good question.

Yep, we were there to see Jimbo and the Soupbones open up
for none other than Bon friggin' Jovi.

Awesome, right?

Yeah, we are aware.

You may also be wondering where our tickets were located.

Fact is, we didn't have tickets.

Well, how did the concert sound from outside?

Not quite.

We, being the legitimate news source that we are, got a
media pass for the show.

Yeah, we're huge.

It's cool if you're jealous.

You aren't the only one.

So after we got taken to "the pit" section right in front of the
stage, we took a picture of the awaiting crowd, and view, that
Jimbo and the boys were about to see and entertain...

Take another look at that picture.
(And don't pay attention to the kinda boring looking folks up front.)

Look at all those people.


Now, before we go any further, we should explain that our good
friend, and photographic wizard David Cooper was unable
to attend this event with us.

So we did our best with our camera-phone and an old
school Polaroid instant camera.

We totally looked official.

Here are a few of the shots we took...

We are actually kinda proud of this one...

Lucky for us, we tend to make friends wherever we go.

And right away we met a beautiful young woman named Kristin.

She was also there to shoot Jimbo.
(Not literally "shoot him," cause we would have tried to stop that.)

She had cameras with lenses and nice bags and stuff.

She said she'd send over a few shots for us to post.

So these next 5 pictures are courtesy of our new friend,

Thanks, Kristin.
You rock.

And we dug your boots.

And this one, blows our attempt out of the water...

Amazing stuff.

We can't thank you enough.

We don't have the kind of clout to snap photos of Bon Jovi, so
we were all asked nicely to leave after J&SB's performance.

Which was killer!

They had that place feeling good, and dancing along for a little
over 30 funk-filled minutes.

It was magical.

We are always proud to be Newkers, but that night...
our chest stuck out just a little bit further.

Here's a shot for you fans of JBJ.

You can kinda see him on the screen there.

On the other hand, they may have asked us to leave the pit area,
because our heads are huge, and paying fans couldn't see
around our milk-gallon sized melons.

Either way, we wouldn't have missed it for the world.

Well done, gentlemen.


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