Friday, February 25, 2011

We Spoiled Ourselves

Last week, we took Friday off.

We had good reason.

We didn't want to waste our 500th post on a Friday.

Fridays on the internet are like Tuesdays in a strip club... interesting, yet rather sad.

And not many people around.

Now that hasn't stopped us before, and it won't stop us in the future.

But J-dub may have bought 1 too many rounds last night, and we are all a bit tired, and in need of a breakfast hero from G&G.

Never fear...

This past week at has been top notch, so feel free to go back and get your read on.

We are going back to sleep for a couple hours, then our journey to the breakfast promise land of Vandergrift is happening.

Have a great day.
Take your umbrella.

And if you see a small mack-daddy named J-dub this weekend, make sure you thank him for us.


Lucy said...

Not to mention the fact that you don't have to bring in the garbage cans this morning since garbage was delayed one do have to put them out tonight tho....I'm just sayin!

dennic said...

THERE'S NO BETTER BREAKFAST THAN G & G!!! My friends and i call it "the hot spot"! We will drive up there for an awesome breakfast any day!!! :)

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