Thursday, February 24, 2011

We've Had It

We don't bitch about much around here, but we
need to get something off our chest.

And this site is our outlet.

So bear with us.
(Or bare with us... hubba hubba.)

Almost daily, members of this very Newk Team, drive through
the downtown section of our fair city.

We are either heading to work (yes, some of us have jobs), or
shopping, or to play disc golf at Deer Lakes Park.

And each time, we are annoyed by the traffic light at the
intersection of Fifth Ave and Ninth St.

In our opinion, there is no current need for this light.

The other light along 8th was removed, and it's going
swimmingly down there.

Now don't get us wrong.

We still have hope, that this great town will once again be a
booming metropolis of industry and capitalism, and the need
for traffic lights at every intersection will be required.

But every time we sit at the red light, and not one car goes
past us along 5th, we curse.

And not just little curses.

It's as if we're possessed by the ghost Lenny Bruce.

And for you youngsters that have no idea who Lenny Bruce is,
go buy a copy of "How To Talk Dirty And Influence People."

Or download it off of one of your fancy internet piracy site things.

Or stop being stupid.

Here is a picture we took yesterday as we filled our Chevy with
an array of 4-letter filth.

(Look familiar?)

Notice no cars going through, and traffic on each side of the
light on 9th.

How about this...

We compromise.

Maybe we can shorten the amount of time 5th gets the green light?

Obviously, Ninth gets much more traffic these days, so the
50/50 green light split is unnecessary.

We also know that it's not so easy, that you can go turn a
dial and poof... it's fixed.

Studies will likely have to be done, and all kinds of other red
tape, but we don't care.

We can't stands no mo'.

What are your thoughts?


GreatwhiteHope said...

Yup, that light's a pain in the ass, 99% of the time no one comes down fifth, should just pay some vandals to rip them down, New Ken don't have the money to replace it

Jeffrey said...

yeah... New Ken is a financial train wreck and do you know how much it costs to replace the light bulbs in those traffic lights?....Tear them down now!

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