Friday, February 4, 2011

Super Bowl Week (Friday)

The game is Sunday.

The game is Sunday.

The game is Sunday.

The game is Sunday.

The game is Sunday.

The game is Sunday!

It got here fast, huh?

So yeah, the end of Super Bowl Week here at
has come and gone.

But we have one last surprise for you.

"Top Ten Reader Ed" sent us a super bowl poem, and he
even made an awesome graphic for it.

Don't believe us?

Get your popcorn ready...

'Twas the eve of the Super Bowl and all through STEELER Nation
Every STEELER fan poised for the grand celebration

The Terrible Towels were all set to be twirled
And the HERE WE GO STEELERS banners unfurled

The kiddies and older folks snug in their beds
As dreams of RING SEVEN danced in their heads

The countdown to kickoff so silently ticks
With me wearing #7 and her in 86

The buzz on the radio, web and TV
Say the STEELERS are underdogs, so let it be

We've been there and done that and triumphed before
We're destined to win, it'll show in the score

The players are confident, polished cold steel
Their hunger and eagerness hard to conceal

Big Ben has emerged from an ominous cloud
His performance will silence the nay-saying crowd

The opposing team's offense had better take care
Troy gives them fair warning to BEWARE THE HAIR

They say he plays dirty, but that's just not his style
There's proof in that patented Hines Ward sweet smile

And as if there weren't already enough to be feared
Bret Kiesel will intimidate with more than his beard

Better bring your own pillow for #92
James Harrison, The HIT MAN, is gonna hit YOU

Receivers aplenty to catch Big Ben's passes
Will have the defense thinking that they need glasses

To help out the STEELERS when they're in a pinch
The foot of Shaun Suisham to score is a cinch

And last but most definitely not the least
Coach Tomlin and staff are the breath of the beast

So bring on Super Bowl 45, please
Now, HERE WE GO STEELERS, let's shred some cheese



Need we say more?

We really do have the best readers, and this proves it.

Thanks, Ed.
Thanks, Readers.
Thanks, Mr. Rooney.

Go Steelers.

(Steelers 31 - Packers 27)

Write that down.


Seeds of Doom said...

AWESOME!! Top credit billing!! WAY TOO COOL!!

Larissa Y. said...

New Ken Funk band to open for Bon Jovi! Totally sweet... and p.s. GO STILLERS!!!

Lucy said...

Ed...can I have your autograph?
Ed's wife

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