Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wrap It Up, They'll Take It

As everyone knows (If they leave the house, or at the
very least look out of a window), that we got a
crap-ton of snow on Monday evening.

Not only did it cause traffic delays, and the random
stranded automobile... it caused the garbage men to
take a day off.

What does this mean to us Newkers?

It means that our garbage will not be picked up this
Friday, as it normally is.

It will be picked up this Saturday.
Did you get that?

Garbage pickup in New Kensington Pennsylvania, 15068 USA
will be collected Saturday February 26 in the year 2011.

So tell a neighbor.
Tell a friend.
Keep your trash off the curb until Saturday.

Oh yeah, and have a nice day.


Lucy said...

Yunz guys are AWESOME!!! Thanks for posting that "stinky" notice!
The Mayor's office

Seeds of Doom said...

Yeah, what she said. We LOVE it when you trash talk!!!

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